NSF Accredited Biological Safety Cabinet Testing Services

Triangle Certification performs all primary and secondary (Worker Comfort) tests as detailed by ANSI/NSF Standard Number 49 and the equipment manufacturer on all Class II biological safety cabinets and laminar flow clean air benches.

We provide complete service and repair for all makes and models. When replacement parts or HEPA filters are needed, we only use original equipment manufacturer (OEM) approved parts and filters.

Our test and certification service includes all repairs to the supply and exhaust HEPA filters as well as all airflow velocity adjustments. For each unit tested, full report documentation is provided detailing the test results including "as found" and "as left" data.

At your site an NSF Accredited Field Technician will competently perform the following tests as applicable on each unit:

  • HEPA Filter Integrity
  • Airflow Velocity and Volume (supply air downflow velocity, exhaust velocity, inflow face velocity and volume, DIM measurements for inflow face velocity)
  • Noise Level Intensity
  • Fluorescent Lighting Intensity
  • Vibration Analysis
  • Visual Airflow Patterns
  • Ultraviolet Light Intensity
  • Electrical Safety (electrical leakage, ground circuit resistance, polarity and ground fault interrupter)
  • Chlorine Dioxide Decontamination
  • Large space decontamination
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